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Our Vision

FEM / TWEM is, indeed, the platform God has set to lay a foundation for the coming of the greatest wave or revival in Africa, and indeed, the world. FEM / TWEM therefore count itself privileged to be directly tied to the divine destiny of this Nation, Kenya and the US. The unfolding of that very destiny, shall be marked by wave of revival that has been prophesied to hit the world over.

FEM has therefore, for the last twenty one years and nine years in the USA (TWEM), upheld that vision, and is, to date, undertaking great responsibilities in the lead-up to its accomplishment. This includes empowering of the church with knowledge on God’s standards of integrity and righteousness. Efforts on making every believer realize his great potential and identity in God have also been elaborately executed, bringing revival through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in signs, wonders as we reach out to the unbelievers. In the US, we intend to hold bi-annual conferences, gathering people from different states for 3 great days of impartation. The prophet has taken it upon herself to practically raise ministers of the gospel, who include the young elders, so as to further the vision.

It is also vital that we do not cease in pursuing higher levels of excellence, as these speak well of God’s saints to the non-believing world.

But perhaps what has contributed immensely to the sustenance of the platform, on which the Ministry stands, is the selfless sacrifice and dedication in preaching the non-compromising gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a key factor that has propelled us into higher realms, in lying the stage for the fulfillment of these prophesies.

The Founder’s commitment has borne fruit, and connected her to several other servants committed to pursuing the vision together. They include Reverend Lucy Maina, and Reverend Anne Wambugu, who serve in offering guidance and pastoral care to the flock. This trickles on further downwards, to the Young Elders, who take time to ensure the well being of the flock, as well as other administrative duties. We also have the Youth Pastors as well as the Sunday School teachers, totally commited to teaching the New Priest hood. The Heads of the various departments, who ensure efficiency in the running of the various Ministry arms in the Church, follow them. They perform the necessary follow-up of issues affecting the Church. In the United Kingdom, we have Mrs. Virginia Chapman the co-ordinator together with an entire team who have dedicated themselves to serve.

TWEM is a ministry firmly rooted in prayer. We believe in intercession as a key birthplace of any divine movement.

TWEM therefore holds regular prayer meetings.

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